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Donate Button Landing Page

New Community Member

Donate Button Landing Page

Hello All!


I have what seemingly should be a simple problem to solve, but alas I can't seem to figure it out...


I have created a simple donate button and elected "Donors enter their own contribution amount". However, instead of getting a simple input box to enter the amount on the landing page (see screenshot 1), I am getting some suggested donations followed by the "other amount" input (see screenshot 2).


Is there a way to either a.) alter the amounts of the suggested donations, or better yet, b.) remove the suggested donations altogether? With an expected average donation of $5-$10, I don't want to upset our members with suggested donations substantially higher than that...


Thanks in advance!



Screenshot 1

Screen Shot 1.png





Screenshot 2

Screen Shot 2.png



Re: Donate Button Landing Page

Hi, can you send your HTML button code? Please cover sensitive data like your business email for example.


Re: Donate Button Landing Page

Hi - I'm getting the same issue.  Did you figure this out?


Re: Donate Button Landing Page

Hi, if you can send me the HTML code of your button I can check for any specific variable that triggers this behavior. Cover any sensitive data on the HTML you are sending.