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Do custom EWP buttons work anymore? Error: cannot decrypt certificate

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Hi everyone,




I've set up dynamic EWP buttons for my store, i.e. all needed variables are encrypted into the button every time for each customer. I've followed all of the instructions, generated my private key/cert, uploaded it to PP, downloaded PP's cert, etc. At one point last week it worked when I sent minor $0.03 cent tests, but now when I revisit it, I keep getting the "cannot decrypt certificate" error from PP, even after re-generating keys/certs, uploading to PP again, etc.


Earlier this week I noticed on PayPal Status that there was some maintenance going on with certs, but now the notice is no longer there so I guess I'm just crazy and this is all a bad dream... lol.


Has anything changed on PP's side regarding EWP, such as they no longer support it?


Thanks in advance.

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