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I ordered from in April on a Sunday, then tried to cancel my order on Monday. Wish replied that they couldn’t because my order was already processed, I explained to Them that I was going to send everything back for a full refund. I used my PayPal credit card for this transaction, but the money came off an account I did not choose, after Wish told me that I could not cancel because everything was processed, I received email’s several days later that said “ your order has been processed and is now on its way” but a few days earlier they said my order was already processed. My order was placed on April 11th, 6 days later I noticed I Finally got tracking details. Tracking read that the items sat at the wish warehouse for an additional 8 days. I was supposed to get my merchandise on May 18th, when May 18th got here the date changed to May 20th, days later it changed to June 3rd. This happened several more times & is at June 20th,21st, & 24th on all items. I was charged shipping on all items, but everything has the same tracking number, which tells me that all the items were combined. I paid like $138.00 for Shipping that was about 8 lbs of merchandise that would have fit in a small priority box. After all this it has been 9 weeks & 3 days with nothing. I ordered some stuff for my sister that come from the same location, but not thru wish, it only took 2 weeks. I am disputing the wish transaction, been a few weeks now waiting on PayPal to make a decision. This decision is supposed to be done by June 12th & then changed to July 21st. I was only given 3 days to respond to PayPal & was given 90 days... this is wrong, but oh well, I am just a PayPal user that feels like I am being taken an advantage of. I have 2 PayPal credit cards that I pay on every month religiously. PayPal has made a ton of money off me, but for some reason I feel like a PayPal back burner kind of guy.

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