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Debit card make payment always went wrong.

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Hey guys.
i just build up a website with paypal payment module.
What i would like to ask is:
When user want to make payment to my shop.
They got 3 options.
1) sign in paypal make payment (this one is working)
2) without sign in paypal directly pay by credit card ( working as well)
3) without sign in paypay directly pay by debit card (hm....something went wrong)
it always show me the message when i try using debit card.

What i have try:
1) confirm my debit card got visa.
2) contact my local bank enable the online transction for my card.
3) confirm my bank account holder name and billing address is correct.

4) clear my broswer cache.

But in the end, it still show me "something went wrong"
so...i did call paypal directly, they ask me go to look for the answer.
that why im here. but i still cant find the answer so far.

Hopefully, i can get the reply with the solution.
Million of thks.

Francis Goh


Debit card make payment always went wrong.


You may want to redirect your question to the Merchant Tech Support community.

Debit card make payment always went wrong.

I’m having the same issue. I’m trying to pay the amount in full and it keeps saying something went wrong

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