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Customized check out styled page not applied to Check out when customer uses a mobile device

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I use a custom checkout style in the button , checkout style that has my logos.  First Paypal page that has my logo , then after payment, the payment receipt with my logo, and the Return to merchant.  So Nice if done with a computer


Now I come to my 2 problems

  • However if the buyer has a smartphone, the checkout syled pages mentioned aboved doesn’t´happen.   So no logos anywhere.      Is it possible that my checkout pages styled with the logos can also work on Smartphone purchases ?
  • On the PC or Laptop purchases, the first screen after clicking the button on my site, give the prospect buyer the possibility of paying with his paypal account or below says¨Pay with Credit or Visa Debit¨.    But when using a smartphone, the first screen after clicking the button show on top ´use your paypal account¨ and below , what says is ¨create account¨   instead of showing clearly that clicking there they can also pay with Credit Card .  It´s true that if they click ´¨create account¨ they come to the page with the form to put and pay with Credit Card, but as said, this important information is not shown in the previous page   (differently as when they are using a PC or Laptop).     SO is it possible that also if paying with a mobile device the Message of ¨Pay with Credit or Visa Debit¨ may appear  on that first page after clicking the button.


You can all check this viewing the page



Jose L Cabello


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