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Customize PayPal Checkout Button Generator for Adding Additional Information

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Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to set up the PayPal checkout button generator to include options for an additional information box as well as a drop-down menu?


I am currently using Legacy buttons with the options for both a blank box for additional information and a drop-down menu to select a specific option from the available list. Is it possible to set up the buttons through the checkout button generator to have these options? The default option presets would not work as-is since none of them contain all the things I need. Fixed price and Select List have no additional information section, and Variable price does not work because I do not want people being able to submit their own prices. Also due to the nature of our website we are not able to implement a normal PayPal checkout through standard implementation.

Ideally, the PayPal button would contain the Drop Down Menu from Select List and the Additional information box from Variable price


I know a little bit of coding but I have found no documentation on the coding for the button generator. When looking through the codes for the Smart Buttons, it looks like they could be combined to make a different button. But would this work with PayPal? or would this only cause problems when communicating information and seeing entered information in payment confirmations? 


also, I am not sure if this is the correct spot for this question. I will repost in the correct boards if needed!


Thank you!

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