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Customers complaining they can't check out with PAYPAL

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Customers complaining they can't check out with PAYPAL

My website is n't working, and I'm not getting any orders, these are some of the complaints I'm receiving:



I have tried on several occasions to order a single Bravo Yoghurt easy kit
On each time I have got through as far as the last page when the system starts a black dot spinning outside a small white dot.  This happens each time.
2).  I am contacting you because I am experiencing an issue when placing an order through your site.
I have ordered 4 week Bravo kit in January for Croatia without any problems (checked out via paypal), but now when I fill in the details and want to place an order, the part of the page with the order button is just loading and I am unable to click it). The issue is not from my browser end since I have double check it and tried numerous times with a different one. Also, I have tried to place an order via credit card, but the form for credit card details is grayed out and I cannot input any information.

3). Hi, I'm trying to pay for ****** but the system seems to halt at the payment.
Is it possible to order these over the phone, I need this item for a client.

Re: Customers complaining they can't check out with PAYPAL

I have 2 customers today who are trying to check out who could not. Our web site works properly, it hands them off to the site to pay. They either login, or enter their credit card info, but when they click "Pay Now" an image comes up saying "Processing" then it goes away and the customer is stuck on the same screen. 


Re: Customers complaining they can't check out with PAYPAL

Hi guys. 


Welcome to the Community!


I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties when some buyers are trying to send you payments via the PayPal website. 


If they are receiving error messages when they are going through the checkout process on your website, can you please ask them to reach out to us directly and we can check this out on their side? 


We can only look into failed payment attempts on a senders account so when they contact us, we can check this out for them and help the buyers to send you money. 


I hope this helps. 



Re: Customers complaining they can't check out with PAYPAL

That's the problem, there was no error message given. When the customer was on the page and pressed "Pay Now" the screen showed a spinning "Processing" image, then nothing happened and the customer was returned to the same PayPal page. 


After being told on the phone by a PayPal customer support person that nothing was wrong since the person on the phone was using a test account with no problems, we were told to file a technical support ticket online. The technical support ticket online got back to us to tell us it wasn't a technical problem, it was a setting for "auto-sweep" that needed to be changed. We never changed that setting, never even heard of it, so we called back and talked to a customer support person who said that's a setting on the backend that we don't even have access to change. Needless to say, a very frustrating experience for us.


I'm glad everything is working again, but I hope someone codes a better way to notify customers of changes in the future.


Re: Customers complaining they can't check out with PAYPAL

I am having the same problem. I click the pay button, provided by the seller, and I get logged into paypal.  I then get a message saying Paypal is not working out right now and to try again later. So I try again later and later and later until I am too frustrated to try anymore.   When paypal is not working, I have to return to the merchant and get his permission to send payment to his email account. This has been happening every time lately and I would really like to see this resolved.