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Custom PayPal buttons - but for people who don't have PayPal

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I have been trying to add custom PayPal buttons for my Wordpress website where I want to sell digital goods. I want to be able to accept payments via PayPal, and although I can use custom graphics for my buttons if I use the Buy Now ones (as indicated in this guide), then comes the problem that these buttons only work for people who already have PayPal and can sign in on their PayPal account to do the payment. It's an obstacle for people who don't have PayPal, and for the people who do, it's a bothersome extra step in the purchasing process.


Now, I have seen that you can use Smart Buttons to accept payments from debit and credit cards directly, without the buyer needing to have a PayPal account; however, I want to customize those buttons as well, to a degree similar to that of the Buy Now ones. The customization options offered in the PayPal Checkout screen to create smart buttons are minimal, and the PayPal brand cannot be removed from them.


Does anyone in the community know how to work around this issue?


Thanks in advance.


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