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Current payment currency is not correct

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We are asking a lot of time to Paypal help, but unfotunately till today they cant help us or they dont understand what we mean. Will try to define once again as under;

1, When some of our client do the payment through paypal in Poland (currency PLN) paypal system automatically change it in US$ (That US$) is not our country currency. And we pay additional charges for paypal what exactly is not necessary

2. In modul of our web side is clearly shows our currency as PLN. Can you advise or double check logs system in our paypal account why it converts it automatically in US$


Current payment currency is not correct


Hi, I ran a test on your website https://sklep********* and I see that you are charging teh amounts in USD and not in PLN. In your HTML PayPal button change the variable currency_code from USD to PLN so that you can receive directly the PLN amounts and not USD. Here what your button is passing at the moment:


amount 53.20
business *****@******.**
cancel_return https://sklep.************************.php
cmd _xclick
currency_code USD
item_name Dragon-Sports
return https://sklep.************************.php
shipping 0.00

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