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Continue Shopping Link


My site also has the Continue Shopping link issue of not enabling customers to be returned to a specific page.

I thought I had the matter resolved by developing a generic page with links back to pages until I sought to connect that link to the Continue Shopping button. No luck hence coming to this community.


Is anyone aware of a means to connect a page URL to the Paypal Continue Shopping button? Today I had to manually coach two customers online on how to continue their shopping.

Continue Shopping Link


Any luck resolving this issue of the Continue Shopping Link?  I'm having the same issue and on a tight deadline to get the fixed by 8/1.

Continue Shopping Link


My "continue shopping" link in the cart is taking people back to the cancellation page instead of the page they were previously on ... wish it were the main page or any other page on my website.  It's not canceling any items in the cart but the customer does not know that.  How do we fix this problem? 

Continue Shopping Link


I figured out a workaround on this which involved having both an index.html page and a nearly duplicate Home.html page for the site which uses paypal for alumni dues payments. The only difference between the two pages is that the landing page (index.html) has this code at the end of the <head> section:

<script ="javascript" type="text/javascript">
var url = 'https://www.[websiteURL]/[Paypal-Payment-Page].html';   // you need to know where you want to redirect to beforehand
if (window.history.length > 2)
window.location.href = url;

With this code, the page that you want to return to is the Paypal-Payment-Page url.
The code checks the history of the site access, and if one has already visited the index URL (which is always the default landing page for the website URL), one is redirected from the index URL back to the PayPal payment page URL.
Once on the site, set any return to the home page to the Home URL instead of the index URL.
Hope that makes sense.

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