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Changes to payment notifications in July causing problems

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I accept subscriptions on my site using a custom HTML form, and I get email and IPN notifications. This has been working fine for several years, but at some point in July PayPal updated the system. The result is several things are broken.


My form includes custom fields to gather additional information, using fields named on1, os1, on2, os2, etc. as per PayPal documentation. Previously, the contents of these fields were included in the email notifications, but now they are not, which is not helpful.


They are reported via IPN, but sometimes incorrectly. Field os1 should be reported as "option_selection1", os2 as "option_selection2", etc. All fields are optional, and the problem is if a field is left blank. If the user leaves the os2 field blank for example, the contents of field os3 are reported as "option_selection2", and so on. This completely breaks the software that processes the IPN information.


Consequently my IPN routines don't work properly, and I can't even use the email to validate and correct the results. It's a mess and needs urgent fixing. Is anyone looking at this?

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