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Cant reconnect Paypal account to a Bigcommerce store

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I have previously never had any trouble connecting my paypal account to my bigcommerce store. Tonight I accidently removed Paypal as a payment option in Bigcommerce's Store payment settings. I try to go through the usual process to re add it. It asks me to login, which I do, but then it takes me to a screen that asks me to confirm my address and number other bits of information about my account that are also all prefilled. I do this, but regardless of what I enter it just tells me 'something has gone wrong' and I can't proceed past this. I've never had this screen come up before just to link a paypal account, it usually just asks me to login and then it connects.
Has something changed? I have contacted Bigcommerce Support, but they tell me it's not a bigcommerce problem, but there must be something with my paypal account somewhere that isn't letting it connect to Bigcommerce.

I'm unable to contact paypal support until business hours when they might answer their phone and to lose 2 days sales from paypal inbetween is quite dire to my business!
THANKS grateful for any ideas?

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