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Buy now/checkout problem


Buy now/checkout problem

Hello all. I generate payments using the button. and I receive using ipn.  A few days ago someone made a purchase, but I did not receive any money.  The IPN worked normally and the product was sent. At IPN, I have a query that sends a purchase log and it looked normal.  My friend wrote to me that someone manually changed the email to which the money went. But I have no idea how it's done. The checkout shows my merchant id not an email.

Anyone can help me?



Re: Buy now/checkout problem

Hi, do you have the URL of your website where I can run a test?

Also if you can tell the day and amount that you were supposed to receive I can check into your account and see if I see something. Don't share any other info than the day and amount.


i. ARe: Buy now/checkout problem

Hi. Amount is ~ 264$.

Date 25 Feb

I can make test page, but the payments themselves work normally.

There was one such person who somehow changed the email to which the funds went.


Re: i. ARe: Buy now/checkout problem

Can't find any payment either from our side. To protect your button from editing use hosted buttons which code is not visible on your server but is stored (hosted) on PayPal server. To create/modify your button as hosted, which code is secured in our server and not editable from any external entity, enter the button on your PayPal profile, or create a brand new one, and on the "Step 2" make sure that the option "Save to PayPal" is flagged.