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Buy now button with shipping integration

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Hello  all -


I'm currently using Mals ecom but want to switch to creating paypal buttons. I have a website only business and sell a wide variety of patch cables and misc. telescope products with different weights, I'm familiar with how to create the button in paypal but trying to figure out how integrate the button to calculate the shipping when they buy.

I'm looking for what paypal users use to generate code for this.


*Option 1: Buyer selects item A that weighs 6 oz., and selects buy now and they would get a total with 1st class US shipping, or if they are international, 1st class international.


*Option 2: Buyer selects an item say a 6' cable that weighs 3 oz. but has a dropdown for also a 12' 25' available lengths to choose from and checkout would also have shipping added as in option 1.

*Also if buyer selects multi items, the shipping will adjust to combined weight.


I hope I've expanded myself ok, please let me know on questions or other examples.


Thanks in advance.

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