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Buy Now button not working

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We use Paypal to sell gift cards online.  On 10/29/21 we went thru the same procedure we always have done.  We go into our saved buttons, copy the code from the previous sale, paste it into a page of our website, and the sale started.  It worked as normal, when people when to the page of our website, the BUY NOW button was at the top of the page, they clicked on it and went thru the buying cycle thru Paypal.  Then about 5 mins in, purchasers called us and said when they clicked the BUY NOW button it would go to a "This site can't be reached" screen.  We have tried since and the BUY NOW button will not work.  We went back and copied old buttons, created a new one and nothing is working.  Does anyone have a work around, we have a gift card sale tomorrow at 9am on 11/5/21 and we are out of idea's.

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