Billing Plan override is not allowed due to insufficient permissions

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I'm developing a NextJS app with the possibility of subscriptions via paypal, using the `@paypal/react-paypal-js` package.

I had a custom logic to apply coupons and promo codes that consisted on having coupons stored in a data base and an input where the client inserted the promo code value. If the value inserted corresponded to any of the coupons available, it would override the price value in billing_cycles in the actions.subscription.create function (example below).

createSubscription={(data, actions) => {
        return actions.subscription.create({
          plan_id: planId,
          plan: {
            billing_cycles: [
                pricing_scheme: {
                  fixed_price: {
                      !!appliedCoupon && !appliedCoupon.isExpired && appliedCoupon.isRedeemable
                        ? formatPriceForPromoCode(
                   / 100
                        : billing_cycles[0].pricing_scheme.fixed_price.value,
                    currency_code: billing_cycles[0].pricing_scheme.fixed_price.currency_code

This logic worked fine for a long time, and all of a sudden it stoped working throwing the following error: Billing plan Override is not allowed due to insufficient permissions.

Does anyone know what the problem is and how to fixe it. Also if you know of a better way to implement coupons in paypal I'd also like to know.

Thank you

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I have the same problem. Paypal seems to have changed the API contract without prior notice. More info here: 

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This has been an issue for some time now, but unresolved. We have a case open with tech support on this but also taking days to get a clear response.

Hopefully they can reverse this change as it is effecting anyone using the REST API for subscriptions. They can't expect accounts to individually request permissions so they can override Billing Plans again.

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Hi, Is there any update on this issue? We are facing the same problem in our Sandbox environment.
This is concerning, as this functionality was previously working smoothly.

Our subscription payments continue to function correctly in our production environment. The issue is only in our test/sandbox environment. Any help is appreciated

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