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Basic overview of possible integrations?

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Probably it is me but after several hours I have still not been able to clarify the main picture regarding the possible integrations for a UK based website. The documentation seems to me to be wilfully obscurantist. There is a bewildering circuit of information "PayPal Checkout" / "Standard" / "Express Checkout" / "Pro". And the pages never give more than a hint of how the integration might actually work. It is as if they are hiding something. 


I want to accept cards on my site and want to clarify the main variants.


The picture I have now is this:


1. You can have a free "Standard" business account. With this you can do a "Standard" integration. The screenshot shows a form with credit and debit card fields right on 'my' website. But I believe that shopper will be sent to PayPal to complete the payment? There is no follow-up screen shot or information about this on the page I link to. 


2. You can have a "Pro" account costing £20.00 pcm. With this you can use Website Payments Pro available in the UK only. If you implement this you must implement both Direct Payments (on your site) and Express Checkout .  - It isn't clear at all what "Express Checkout" is - is it the same as "Checkout"? In which case it looks like 1. above? But the page for "Checkout" seems to included "Advanced" - where clients pay on your site. Another circle of confusion. 


And wasn't there something called "Express Checkout" at one point which used a popup window (on desktop) and meant the user was entering card details direct into PayPal but the popup stayed above your website. Does this still exist? Where does it fit into things?




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