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Automatic Billing Button Source Code

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Hi to all,


My name is Matthias and I am from germany.


I've got a little problem. My uncle asked me to help him updating his automatic billing button on his website.

The reason for that is, he got an E-Mail sent by PayPal which tells him it would be required to update his buttons till 24th April.


Actually he is using the automatic billing process on his WordPress Website realized by the "s2 Member" Plugin.

I think it wont be updated before 24th April, so I have to update the buttons by myself. So let's get the problem:

In Germany there is no possibility to create a subscribing button for automatic billing through the button creation page of PayPal. Please don't ask me why, because I don't know. So I have to get the source Code of the new version of an automatic billing Button to compare it with the old code.


I would be very grateful, if someone help me out of that situation. At best with the source code (HTML) and maybe some descriptions on which code positions I have to change them to get the code ready for my uncles page.


Please excuse my bad english and maybe choosing the wrong board.





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