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Advanced Variables Not Available to PHP?

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I'm using a paypal standard BuyNow hosted button but I need to get a product identifier sent back to my php after payment has been made. If I check the  "Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout" and type the product ID into the url it works,  eg: " "

but I can't get the button to pass it back to me separately. I've tried adding "productID=HCL0145" to the Advanced Variables option and I've tried using HCL0145 as the item_number" via the inventory tracking options.

I've also tried manually adding a hidden input field to the form on my website (because this is what I really want when I have more than one products) but again this only works if the full url including product ID is used as the return url which is both insecure and inflexible.

Am I missing something or have I got to implement a full IPN script just for this?

Thanks in anticipation of your assistance.



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