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Adding a "continue shopping" button to a shopping cart page

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I am selling multiple items on a single web page.  When the PayPal cart page displays, I would like to add a "Continue Shopping" page that would take the shopper by to my site, to the page where the items for sale are located.  I have edited one of my buttons by adding the following line of code in the Customize Advanced features section of the Edit Your PayPal Payment Button utility:


<input type="hidden" name="shopping_url" value="https://name_of_my_domain/items_page.html">


I can't get this to work.  The button on my website behaves properly, but how do I get a "Continue Shopping" button on the cart page?


Thanks in advance for a reply.


Adding a "continue shopping" button to a shopping cart page


I have an issue with the paypal shopping cart. It shows a big button "continue shopping" when the cart is empty and if you click on the button it takes you back to the store on my website correctly. However, as soon as a single item is added to the cart you no longer have the option to "continue shopping" - it vanishes. I really need the continue shopping to show at all times in the cart checkout page so users can just click on the button to continue adding items to their cart. It this a bug or am i doing something wrong?

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