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Adding Paypal to my Squarespace website Check-Out

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I tried to add Paypal to my Squarespace website check-out.  I went to Settings, Payments, etc. on my Squarespace page and chose Paypal to add.  It had me fill out a form to open a Paypal Business account (I've had a personal Paypal acct. for about 15 yrs., but I don't want to upgrade it to a business acct.).  I filled out the form and clicked at the bottom of it and all it did was go back to the beginning, just like when I started, without saying anything at all.  So, do I have to go through Paypal instead of through Squarespace to get Paypal into my check-out along with Stripe, which I've been using since I opened this website 5 yrs. ago? 

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