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API error code 10565

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Why would I get the API error code 10565 suddenly, out of the blue? 

I did not change anything on my website, so I don't understand the sudden cause.

I cannot receive any payments.


API error code 10565

PayPal Employee

Hi @jupebox 


Thanks for using our PayPal community forum,

This the error :




"Merchant country unsupported."


"The merchant country is not supported."



Caused by calling a method "DoDirectPayment"

The error 10565 (this is a blocking error):

The error you received is related to the fact that during the checkout process you are calling a method that is not allowed for your PayPal configuration, the method is DoDirectPayemnt and allows merchants to take card payment's detail directly from their web site.

This method is only allowed for customers in UK, US and Canada that enabled Website Payments Pro. If you wish to upgrade to PRO, please contact our Customer Support Agents and keep in mind that there is a monthly fee involved.


Link to contact them:


If not:
If you developed your integration on your own then use a different method to charge the payments as DoDirectPayment is not available for your account, while if you are using a third party solution then you need to check with them any available payment module that does not use the DoDirectPayment method.

Eventually you can check with Braintree, a PayPal company, if they have a solution for your country. Here is the Braintree contact page:

Would you mind changing your PayPal module?

Thanks and apologies,

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