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3D authentication errors with Jotform

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I've been using Jotform and integrate PayPal Business. Last month, my customers began to get 3D authentication errors.

Jotform sends me to PayPal. What I read are solutions for those that are embedding code. I'm only logging into PayPal through Jotform to connect.

Any direction on how to troubleshoot and fix these errors?


3D authentication errors with Jotform


The 3D error can occur if there’s no address provided with the credit card info and the card’s issuing bank requires it. Perhaps you didn’t include an address field on the Jotform form?  If not, you can add it by going to the PayPal Payment settings in your JotForm form, and click on "Billing Address".


If you do have billing address and customer is getting that error, then they may be entering the wrong address info for the card.


For us, we didn't want to include the billing address on our Jotform so as to make it easier for users to pay.   And in fact, if the customer chooses PayPal Checkout (instead of using the credit card option), the PayPal popup actually has a button that says “Pay with Debit or Credit Card”. If they clicked on that, then the PayPal popup will ask for address ( and they can then enter their address there and this should solve the 3D error problem for those users.


So what we did was add a note on the form like this:


“Note: If you encounter issues paying with the "Debit or Credit Card option below, please try selecting PayPal Checkout, and then from the PayPal popup, select the "Pay with Credit Card" option.“


Hope this helps!  Took us a while to figure it out.

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