3 ways: When do I need a listener, Smart Payment Buttons and PayPal-Buttons?


I thought it is easy to create a paywall in my CMS with paypal:
1. User creates a user account
2. Then user gets a PayPal button with a price
3. After payment user can read all articles for a period of time. After that he has to pay again.
4. If the paymant false or he has not payed, the user status is set to inactive and he can't read articles.

So I start my journey:

Way #1:
First I made a listener with PHP from this site: https://phppot.com/php/paypal-payment-gateway-integration-in-php/. I got a first connection, but then I suddenly found way #2.

Way #2:
Then I found the Smart Payment Buttons. They don't need a complicated listener. Hey, sounds good. But I need a client ID in the code. Is this unsafe?

Then I found in the menu under tools the PayPal-buttons. This creates again a total different script for a button this time without any client ID, without any listener, without any sandbox.

Three total different ways, from absolutly difficult to handy and simple. Why and which way would you recoment?

I guess the best way for me are the Smart Payment Buttons. And they dont need a listener file. But when do I need a listener?

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