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Paypal Here use without established company

New Community Member

Paypal Here use without established company

Dear Community


I have a query regarding the usage of Paypal Here:


Is it possible to use Paypal Here if I don't have a established company (private person) but sell non-physical services online like providing online-services for other businesses?

In my country there is no need to establish a physical company if you sell your services online and do not exceed a yearly minimum income.





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Re: Paypal Here

Hi amwaj,


Welcome to the community forum.


You don't have to be a registered business to use PayPal Here but from what you are saying it sounds like you are not in the UK and this device is not available everywhere just yet. If you are just selling a service though you may be best to add a PayPal button to your website and receive money that way. You will find more information on doing that here .


I hope this helps.