Dave Peck, Head of Social Media, PayPal

randu_zuckergerg_sm.jpegThe explosion of technology and digital innovation over the last decade has meant a lot of great things for a lot of people. Today there are those of us who can grocery shop from the comfort of our own living rooms, share face time with friends and family from the road, and keep tabs on virtually every aspect of both our personal and professional lives using a device small enough to fit in our pockets.

Sometimes, however, this new space and can be as overwhelming as it is awesome, and being more connected often just ends up feeling like MORE.

And so the great challenge of our time has become developing solutions with a less-is-more approach, in hopes that by raising the bar of digital intuition, the tools we create will simplify rather than over complicate. Recent examples from our personal collection include Beacon, upgrades to our PayPal app and the increasing availability of PayPal Here, but we’re on a mission to go far beyond what we’ve got in-house.

That’s why we’re working with Randi Zuckerberg.

Dot Complicated

As a former Facebook marketing executive, Randi has been on the frontlines of the social media movement since its early days. And, like us, she’s spotted a similar gap at the intersection of technology and lifestyle.

Her recent efforts to expose and remedy the disconnect come in the form of a great book called Dot Complicated: Untangling Our Wired Lives. The text is perfect for those looking for a breakdown of today’s technology, the influence both it and social media have had on our day to day, and how to navigate through it all successfully.

You can think of it as a kind of modern day guide to life, and our new relationship with her company, Zuckerberg Media, aims to help spread these smarts to any nook and cranny that will benefit from them.

Tech-Life Balance

Randi’s endgame and ours is very similar: to promote a lifestyle in which technology enhances rather than complicates, and so we’re pretty excited to be joining forces. And bonus? She’s an avid PayPal user.

“Just the other day, I wanted to send money to my colleague Brad for a fun tech meetup he was helping me put together. I was on the road and couldn’t write him a check, but wanted him to get the money right away. I took out my phone and sent him the money through the PayPal app and he received it immediately. This is one of the ways that PayPal is making MY life easier. It’s great to be working together to promote the ways technology can make everyone’s lives simpler and provide greater tech-life balance,” she told us.

As we continue to pick up speed on the digital highway, I encourage all those who seek a smoother ride to check out what PayPal and Randi are doing to help the cause. The latest in PayPal news can always be found right here on PayPal Forward, and you can pick up a copy of Randi’s book – *wink wink* – here.

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