Jeff Clementz, Managing Director, PayPal Australia


20130719_ming_summary.jpgOver the last few days, I’ve had the pleasure of hosting our Global Head of Product, Hill Ferguson, in Australia.

Hill was in Sydney to meet with local merchants, partners and in-house teams. We were pumped to have him in town especially as we have such an exciting story to tell.

Mobile is at the core of the PayPal experience. We’ve had some great early wins in mobile and we’re creating a growing number of in-store payment opportunities via the PayPal app for our five million active account holders.

The Australian team is working with local start-ups, point-of-sale providers and retailers to deliver true mobile payment innovations to what is a sophisticated and advanced mobile user base. We’re addressing real customer pain points and taking steps towards the future where a physical wallet is not required.

Last night we showcased our digital wallet offering at an event for local media.

We announced a collaboration with mobile take-away ordering site EatNow, which brings EatNow’s network of more than 2,000 take away and delivery restaurants into the PayPal app.

No more scrambling around in drawers for out-of-date and illegible paper menus. Simply log-on to the PayPal app, select your favorite local take-away restaurant and order and pay with PayPal.

Continuing with the dining theme, we announced Pay At Table on the PayPal app, which brings PayPal in to the more formal end of the restaurant industry via collaboration with OrderMate, a point-of-sale provider to more than 1,000 restaurants across the country.

Pay At Table puts an end to the back and forth that occurs at the bill payment stage of a restaurant meal. Hill Ferguson provides a great demo in the video below.

With the integration of coffee and food ordering solution, Beat The Q, PayPal customers can ‘Order Ahead’ at cafés and quick service restaurants around Australia, enabling users to order their coffees remotely with their smartphone so that they don’t have to waste time standing in line.

This is the beginning of the journey but as we continue to work in collaboration with other leading entrepreneurs and innovators of all sizes, PayPal’s mobile application will increasingly be seen as a destination for consumers to browse local businesses, order ahead and transact at point of sale.

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