Bill Ready, CEO, Braintree


onetouchphones.jpgPayPal and Braintree are bringing you One Touch™ -- the absolute fastest way to pay on any mobile device, across platforms, on all of your favorite apps.


Starting today, One Touch payments are now open for developer beta with select merchants, and will be available to any developer using the Braintree SDK and all PayPal app users in the coming weeks. With One Touch, PayPal’s 152+ million active users will be able to securely pay in many of their favorite mobile apps in a single touch, making remembering user IDs, passwords and card numbers a thing of the past. One Touch payments will be the magical experience that every mobile user will come to expect, not unlike the experience PayPal pioneered for online shopping and paying many years ago.


You’ll soon discover that checking out with One Touch will enable you to easily, quickly and securely pay in a single touch. Of course, you'll be able to opt in and out of the experience by app and choose any source of funding – from your PayPal balance, credit card or linked bank account – with each purchase. This One Touch experience will be the absolute fastest way to pay on a mobile device, letting you get what you want when you want it.




One Touch payments will be as trusted and secure as any other PayPal transaction. Traditionally, there’s been a trade off between convenience and security, but mobile makes it possible for us to have it all. We started with a new premise that the mobile device inherently can offer both a better experience and better security than the plastic card in your wallet. After all, which one knows more about you -- the high-powered computing device you carry in your pocket or the magnetic stripe on the back of your credit card? PayPal and Braintree keep your financial details under lock and key and provide the industry's best fraud management tools.


Starting today, One Touch PayPal payments are now open for developer beta with select merchants using the Braintree SDK in the US. Once we roll out the general availability in the coming weeks, PayPal app users will begin to experience this magical checkout in many of their favorite apps. In the meantime, make sure you've downloaded the PayPal app so you're ready to shop and pay in just one touch, changing the way you use your mobile device forever.


For more information, please visit the One Touch landing page.

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