David Marcus, President, PayPal


cashforregisters_sm.jpgMy post yesterday was about consumers losing their wallets. But for this to happen and to deliver a delightful shopping experience at scale, merchants need to let go of their old cash register for innovative technology that will enable them to serve their customers better, and grow their businesses.

At PayPal we're committed to that vision of the future of shopping, and Cash for Registers is driving that transformation. This is why I'm thrilled to announce that starting next month, we will launch a new program: Cash for Registers to accelerate this inevitable transformation at retail.  We will offer free credit, debit card, check, and of course PayPal processing for the remainder of the year to any qualifying U.S business turning in their dusty old cash register in exchange for a modern solution like PayPal Here (iPad, card reader, iPad stand, cash drawer, and printer) - ShopKeep POSVendERPLYNCR Silver, and more partners to be announced soon.

These partners offer cutting edge solutions for different market verticals. At PayPal we've spent a long time listening to small businesses, and retailers of all sizes, and we came to the conclusion that no one company can cater to the needs of all industries. That's why we have handpicked select partners that are each best-in-class in their respective categories.

In addition to this great offer, we will make participating businesses known to our 55+ million US (128 million worldwide) and growing customer base, and drive meaningful incremental business to them, stimulating the vibrant small business community in America

Interested businesses can register and be first in line to benefit from this time limited offer by signing up at Cash for Registers.

David Marcus, President, PayPal

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