Christina Smedley, Vice President, Global Brand



pp_blog_lg.jpgEveryone here at PayPal believes in the opportunity we have to empower people to get more of what they want from their money - by making paying and getting paid easier, simpler and safer.


Our aim is to put people just like us at the center of everything we do. And every time a customer, or prospective customer comes in contact with anything from PayPal, we want to make that experience is informative, simple and delightful. We're working hard to make sure that all of the touch points we have with you reflect this mission and show that we understand your questions and needs.


As part of this we've been taking a careful look at our website, is the #18 most visited site in the U.S., #42 in the world, and 19 million people visit every day. That’s hundreds of people per second.


We want to be simple, safe and remind you that we’re on your side. We want you to visit our site and get what you want, immediately. With that in mind, we've redesigned the site to clearly and definitively reflect who we want to be to you, and demonstrate that we're delivering innovative experiences our customers love.


Imagine this as our new 'front door' to PayPal, the pages behind will also reflect our new approach over time. So although the homepage and more will have this new look and feel, we continue to chip away at the rest of the older content that doesn't reflect the very best of what we want to bring to you. More to come on that.


With these new pages, we had three goals in mind:


1. Make modern, design for mobile first with a rich palette of content, including video, photography and illustrations.

2. Simplify the site and reflect that we make it easy to enable people to do what they want when they visit PayPal.

3. Use easy to understand language and make navigation a breeze.


Our friends in the U.S. will be the first to see the new pages, and we'll make sure the rest of the 194 markets we service start to see them in the coming weeks. If you don't see the new pages, keep refreshing and bear with us – it's very common for a site with so much rich content to take time to propagate through the U.S. and then the world.


Please tell us what you think because that's what matters – we want to get this right and to demonstrate to you every day, that we respect your money and you. This is your PayPal.



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