Carey Kolaja, Vice President of Global Product Solutions


pp_logo_2014.jpgIn 1999, PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel laid out the company’s mission to “give citizens worldwide more direct control over their currencies than they ever had before.”


This remains our mission and it’s still our focus every day, and the worldwide element of that goal is perhaps nowhere better expressed than in our role enabling international trade for our millions of merchants.


From small mom-and-pop shops to some of the largest enterprises in the world – and from the biggest economies on the globe to the fastest-developing newcomers – PayPal’s customers move billions of dollars in 193 countries.


Fueled by technology innovation, we have entered a period of time when the way in which people create, share, buy, sell, and trade with each other is fundamentally changing, and as a result we’re literally reinventing the world around us.


Introducing PassPort


One of the ways we’re changing the world is by making it smaller through technology. We’re connecting people from all over the planet through commerce. And today, with the launch of PassPort, we’ve made connections among countries, customers and small businesses even more simple and straightforward.


We surveyed our merchants and designed PassPort in direct response to what they want and need from a global trade partner. The result is a website designed to educate and empower small businesses with free tools to expand their global sales. PassPort provides country-specific guidance on seasonal sales peaks, including holidays and events; cultural customs, taboos and trends; shipping and distribution logistics; currency exchange and fees, and customs procedures and taxes.


And the timing is right. According to a recent study by McKinsey & Co., international trade is increasing at an unprecedented rate, driven (again and predictably) by technology: global Internet connectivity, the pervasiveness of mobility as a mode of commerce (more than two-thirds of the world has a mobile phone, and more ways to shop than ever before).


Commerce is About People


The numbers are undeniable, but what I’m most proud to have addressed with this program is the human element. Commerce is all about people. Our role is to empower this People Economy – to make the experience of both buyers and sellers more seamless and delightful everyday. And as the person-to-person connection goes global, we help lower barriers among the world’s citizens, helping them better understand each other’s cultures, tastes and habits with tools like PassPort.


At PayPal, we see the unlimited opportunities in the People Economy and we’re excited to be part of this era in which People Rule.

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