Anuj Nayar, Senior Director of Global Initiatives, PayPal


ppf_smartfood_summary.jpgEvery year, as I pack my bags for Mobile World Congress I throw in a couple of energy bars, not because I don’t love the food in Barcelona, I do, but because of the torturously long food lines as 70,000 people all try to grab lunch at the same time.

Last year we showcased the ability to order ahead and pay with PayPal at a few restaurants. The GSMA loved it so much they asked us to build it into the “smart food” section of their GSMA official app.

Just download the app in the iTunes store or Google Play and attendees at the conference can save time by ordering ahead at any of the 12 participating restaurants on-site. It might even give you a chance to squeeze in one more meeting or check out one more booth with the extra time.

GSMA and PayPal hope that you enjoy the experience but more importantly we think it demonstrates something that every attendee at the world’s largest mobile conference needs to realize about mobile payments. In order to catch on, mobile payments have to make your life easier in some way, not just be yet another way to pay.

See you all in Barcelona.

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