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The PayPal Extras MasterCard

Credit card
Now get 3X Reward Points at Gas/Restaurants, 2X Reward Points on PayPal/eBay purchases
and 1X Reward Point everywhere MasterCard is accepted.  You can now redeem reward points for gift cards, merchandise, travel vouchers, and cash-back as a credit into your PayPal balance.  
Start redeeming for rewards once you have 2,500 Reward Points.
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SO, I have had my PayPal Card for about 4 months now.  I got it for an emergency that came up and needed $2,500.00.  When applying I read that the minimum was $25 or $35 if I failed to pay on time.  The guy that assisted me on the phone was quick to tell me the same information.  I also read a lot of people on here that said the same.  I have a few other charge cards that are similar. 
The first month my bill was indeed, $25.  The second month my bill was $67. The 3rd month it was $82.  
I'm thinking, **bleep** my bill is gonna get really high if they keep raising it like this.  
So I call them to ask them how they calculate it.  First the girl tells me my minimum is $25.  Then she looks at my statements and says "you pay 1/24th of your balance, you can calucate it by dividing your balance by 24"  SO, I tell her well that means my payment should be $104 and thats not what you guys are charging me.  So she tells me to look at my statements to see a breakdown, well she agrees that they didn't provide me with one.  
SO, I kindly ask her to point out in my terms and conditions where it says that I'm being charged a percentage of my balance and she says "I do agree what you are reading is correct, when did you recieve this because our terms have changed"
So then she says "You pay interest on the balance maam plus the $25"
So I ask her, if my balance is going DOWN why is the interest going UP? and I get no ANSWER!
Am I the only one having this issue?  How are you going to send me the terms and conditions and not follow it?
My issue is, I have other credit cards, I know you get charged interest monthly on your balance, in fact one of them is DAILY.  BUT, there terms say minimum is $35 and thats what they charge me every month.  I am very good about paying more than the minimum and paying my cards off quickly. Never with any card has this happened to me.  This is crazy.  How much higher is the bill going to go? I pay well over the minimum but I don't think I'll be able to if this keeps getting higher.  How does anyone pay this **bleep** thing off then? I asked them this and they said that I need to either pay the full a mount or over the minimum.  When I asked if next month the bill is going to be over $100 he said yes if you intend to only pay the minimum or you can pay off your balance to avoid interest.  No Sh*t?
 Now I am on hold to speak to a manager because the girl couldn't help me. Ive been on this call for over 55 minutes with still no straight answer of what the correct minimum is and how they calculate it.  The manager said he couldn't point out where it says that interest is included in the minimum, or the rate of which is charged or anything so he advised me to write a letter to them.  


PayPal Extra Mastercard

po box 95001 
orlando, fl 32896-5001 



Anyone else confused by this?  Again, I'm not complaining about paying my bill because I pay my bills but for 4 people to tell me they cant tell me how or where I can figure out my bills is kind of disturbing.  I feel like I'm being ripped off and a lot of other people are as well.  I just want to know this is being done correctly and I'm not being scammed!