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New PayPal Debit Mastercard Sent!

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Hi everyone!



I just got sent my new (2nd) Debit Master card since my old one is exspiring this month.. I wanted to know does this new card that was just sent come already activated? Or do I have to re-activate it again? 




I had went to the URL that was directed which is

But when going to this URL.. is says: "error" and the "You cannot complete this action on the card you have selected. Please select another card."




So now I just don't know what would work..



Also, my old card which expires 10/11 which would  be this month.. Is the card still vaild until the end of this month, would I still be able to swpie it?


Let me know anything please





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Re: New PayPal Debit Mastercard Sent!

It should be still active until the end of the month.