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Cirrus ATM charging cash withdrawl fee! Why?

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At a credit union Maestro/Cirrus network ATM I was charged a $3 fee for a cash withdrawl against my PayPal Debit Mastercard. Every bit of policy documentation I can find online at PayPal, and all of the printed hardcopy documentation that came with my debit card state that Maestro/Cirrus ATM transactions will incur no fee except the $1 fee charged by PayPal itself. Whats going on? Can someone explain? Please?

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Re: Cirrus ATM charging cash withdrawl fee! Why?

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I think the key to your question are these three sentences from the documentation:


1.  You can use your PayPal Debit MasterCard® to withdraw money from your PayPal account at any Maestro/Cirrus ATM.

2.  There is a $1.00 fee to withdraw money from an ATM.

3.  The bank that owns the ATM may also charge a fee.


So PayPal does charge a $1.00 whenever you do an ATM withdrawal.  If you're being charged $3, that means the bank that owns the ATM you used charged you $2.00.





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Re: Cirrus ATM charging cash withdrawl fee! Why?

If you use a Chase ATM, you don't get hit with the ATM fees.  Only the 1.00 fee from paypal as a convenience fee.  If you look at the back of the card in the fine print, it says Chase JPM Card issuing bank! 

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