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paypal credit-invoice payment

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paypal credit-invoice payment

i’d like to use paypal credit to pay an invoice, but it’s not showing up as an option on the payment screen. could this be because the invoice is CAD instead of USD? or possibly because i had a past due installment payment (i just made a payment today to bring the account current)?


Re: paypal credit-invoice payment

Hi @cassandalabra,


I'm sorry to hear that PayPal Credit was not presented as a payment option for the transaction that you were making. PayPal Credit is not always presented as an option. The system chooses what options to present for each transaction based on a lot of factors, some of which are based on any elements of risk associated with the transaction. It is not typically possible to determine the specific reason a payment method is not presented. You can try the transaction at a later time or date to see if the option is presented, or use a different payment method at checkout.


I'm sorry for the inconvenience.




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Re: paypal credit-invoice payment

I am having the same issue, want to pay an invoice and have a paypal credit i will like to use. 

Is there any other way to apply this credit to an invoice?