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credit card

can you use paypal credit card for a purchase from a private seller

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Re: credit card



Yes, send money as goods and services or pay a PayPal invoice or via a PayPal buy/pay now button and see if PayPal Credit is offered to you as a funding source.


Please note that PayPal reserves the right to restrict use of the credit line depending on the circumstances of your transaction and may not be available in every instance.


If PayPal Credit is not offered/available, then it is recommended that you use another linked payment method to complete payment. Also if your account is new, you may have to make a few successfully completed purchases without disputes/problems reported through your own funding sources so the PayPal Credit system has transaction history data to go on whether offer you PayPal Credit at checkout or not. 


On rare occasions, a linked funding source will be used instead even after checking out with PayPal Credit so its best to ensure you have enough funds in all of your funding sources before attempting to complete a purchase with PayPal Credit.

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