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UK / GBP Paypal Credit Buttons


UK / GBP Paypal Credit Buttons

How do i go about offering credit as a payment term on my eCommerce website / Or more how to advertise Paypal credit on website with banners / pop up page with the T&Cs on.


Now they key thing is, its a uk website, and nope i dont need to be authorised by FSA as only want to offer 4 months interest free, which doesn't come under their guideline but EVERY link i find on google just comes up with the usual "sorry we cannot find this link"


Even going through my own paypal website all i get is the option to create banners for US , now i know america are trying to own the world, but as of yet (that i have seen) we are still GBP here.. 


So any advice woudl be appreciated, and apologises about the tone of the message, but 4 mails, and over 2 weeks of trying to get a simple response from paypal has left me frustrated. (and a lot poorer due to lost customers)


Its been really frustrating, im still waiting on response from customer support emails for almost 2 weeks, all i get is them linking on how to do it on an integrated shopping cart.. NB Mine isnt' and even then its only the US version.


I have the normal buttons etc installed and working fine, but ive seen 2 types of banners, 1 the normal sit on side of webpage as image and then 2 the ones that open from bottom of page as an extra, but i have searched and better searched and cannot find anything for the uk site.


I obliviously need to add im not a coder, nor do i pretend to be, yes i can edit code, and can find my way round html/css/unix etc but write from scratch no chance 😄 


So any link / code would be helpful 






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Re: UK / GBP Paypal Credit Buttons

Have you had any luck with this as i'm experiencing the exact same issue and to say it's frustrating is an understatement...






Re: UK / GBP Paypal Credit Buttons

no nothing, i was basically told by  paypal 'its not our problem' and if you want the shortcut ones you have to create them yourselves so as much as they do them for the US market, unless your pushing 10s K they wont supply them to UK market .