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Transfer Money to Myself?


Re: Transfer Money to Myself?

Hello @Salez, that's a great question! Thank you for reaching out through our community forum. Thank you @Centaurette for weighing in on this conversation. Just to alleviate any confusion on this process, PayPal Credit is not permitted to be used to send yourself money. However, PayPal Credit is still a great way to send money as Friends and Family (with a fee) and to make a purchase where PayPal Credit is accepted (almost anywhere in the US and UK), but sending yourself money through PayPal Credit would be considered a cash advance and is not allowed per our user agreement .


Thank you everyone again for participating in our Community Forum and have a wonderful day!




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Re: Transfer Money to Myself?

Why do we have paypal. Why does anybody have paypal. I can't access my, my, my money right now and I think PAYPAL SUCKS **bleep**. **bleep** OFF IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT

Re: Transfer Money to Myself?

I dont have the paypal credit card i have the PayPal prepaid debit card and i got money on it but it wont let me transfer funds to my wells Fargo account