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Transaction credit reporting

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Transaction credit reporting

Does PayPal report credit line transactions to credit agencies? I was told they do not?

Re: Transaction credit reporting

They never use to, But all the sudden they started and it really makes me mad. I never received any email nor heads up that this was going to happen so now my score dropped 12 points once it suddenly hit (keep in mind my account has always been in good standing and still is). While they did mark the correct Acc creation date so it didn't completely wreck my score, they only gave payment info for about 4 month back. I had another 20+ on-time payments that would stand to boost my credit reports robustness. Now I have to pay off this balance and I'm done giving them my business


TBH: If you cant seem to get credit anywhere else, go to a real bank and get a 'secured card.' but i DO NOT recommend Paypal credit and their sketchy activity. I feel betrayed as a loyal customer and i know businesses that do this, don't say sorry, and they'll do it again.