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Spread the cost in the 0% apr period

New Community Member

Spread the cost in the 0% apr period

Hello, I've just signed up for the PayPal credit as I was really interested in the promotion of the 4 months without interest rate. 

As a new customer (in this) I'm a little bit confused on how does it work, as for example


if I spend 1000£ and I would find easier to spread the cost in these 4 months  (so 250x4) how do I do that? 

Just make the purchase and then every month (when the minimum payment is due) just set to pay 250£?


Thanks, everyone for any explanation I wish you all a good afternoon




Re: Spread the cost in the 0% apr period

its hit an miss - pay the minimum balance first let it clear and then add the rest on ( only if you have more than one promo offer) if you only have the one item just pay the 250 each time