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Problem with Paypal Credit


Problem with Paypal Credit

I wonder if anyone has had the same problem as me?


I have an ordinary Paypal payment account. I don't believe I have ever opened a Paypal credit account. Some months ago I started getting letters about a sum due on a Paypal credit account in my name.


I rang Paypal who initially were quite helpful and seemed to suspect it was an issue of identity fraud. They were to get back to me but of course they never did. Instead they simply resumed issuing threatening letters.


On ringing again I got a repeated stonewall: they won't talk to me unless I can validate to my account. Never having opened the account, I can't validate myself. 


The Banking Ombudsman won't involve itself until I've been through Paypal's complaints process, but as far as I can see I can't start that process unless I can get into the relevant account. If I try to make a formal complaint they decline to accept it, unless I can validate to my account.


I've tried making a GDPR request to see the details of the account, as I don't believe they will be mine, but they decline that too unless I can validate myself, which of course I can't do.


I'm going to write to the address on the Paypal letters in Luxembourg to make my complaint. But I'm guessing they're going to stonewall that too. And I'm going to try making a complaint through my Paypal payment account, but I think the same applies. 


Any suggestions please? Goes without saying I'm disgusted with Paypal - they're threatening me with legal action for money they're not entitled to in relation to transactions I didn't make yet they're making it impossible to discuss the matter. I am a lawyer and a professional litigator but I'm at at a loss to see what to do other than press it to court. Lord alone knows what a vulnerable individual would do in this situation.