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Pp credit installments


Pp credit installments

Hi. I bought a product from Samsung 5 months ago through PayPal credit, installments for 12 months so still few months left. I want to trade in the item and get a new one through same payment method-installments so the old installments will be cancelled as I am trading that item back to Samsung? And I will only pay the installments which are shown on samsung checkout page?

Re: Pp credit installments

Hi @HadiaB,


Thank you for your post! If you made the original purchase through PayPal Credit, the payments that you are paying are to PayPal Credit for paying the full amount to the merchant. Those payments would continue whether you still have the phone or trade it in. Any new payments, if charged to PayPal Credit, would go to your PayPal Credit balance and you would be responsible for paying back all the charges.


PayPal Credit determines the minimum payments based on the full balance owed, but you can make payments that are greater than the minimum balance to avoid interest charges after the promotional period is over.


I hope this helps!




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