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Paypal credit


Paypal credit

Am i right in thinking paypal credit is paid by pp then you pay pp back ? Ive recently took out what i thought was like a pp loan (stupid me i know ) so bought an item for £280 the item was cancelled by supplier as out of stock so i got a message of a refund which went bk into pp credit acc . Then ive noticed £280 has came out of my personal bank account and is showing as minus in pp acc so my question is where is the £280 im so confused ??
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Re: Paypal credit



PayPal Credit, on rare occasions will use a linked payment method instead even after you've completed checkout with PayPal Credit if the checkout software system decides at last minute to rescind the approval but the seller canceled the transaction and issued a refund due to not in stock.


When you make a payment, there will be a transaction listing with a minus sign next to the amount paid, in black. Refunds/received payments have a plus sign next to the amount in green and essentially cancel out the transaction, in your case.


I am stumped as to why the £280 is coming out of your linked bank account. Did you click on the transaction details and see what it says? 


You can contact customer service for them to investigate further as the user to user forums do not have access to others' accounts to fix something like this:

Log on, click HELP on top menu, scroll down to click CONTACT US, and then scroll down to click CALL US.


Or private messaging via social media:


Twitter: @paypalUK 


Facebook (US):

Twitter (US): @AskPayPal 

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂

Re: Paypal credit

Thanks for reply Im going to ring them again today as the woman on phone on fridat reassured me they do not touch linked bank account obviously lying .