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Paypal credit not working

New Community Member

Paypal credit not working

I made a purchase two days ago with my PayPal credit account. I have paypal credit as my preferred payment method. And today I tried to make another purchase and it’s been saying that my preferred method is not available. I haven’t been able to use paypal for the last two days and I don’t understand why! I haven’t used half o my paypal credit line yet.


Re: Paypal credit not working

Hi Nathymakeup,


Oh no! I'm sorry to hear you're having issues making purchases. If you've made a lot of attempts to make payments (for different amounts, to multiple merchants, perhaps for more than your usual transaction amount), this can cause concern with our internal security. In these cases, it's usually best to give the system 24-48 hours to reset and attempt the purchases again. I hope the issue is resolved soon!


- Ashley M

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