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Paypal credit not removed charge after refund.

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Paypal credit not removed charge after refund.



i made a purchase with paypal credit while they has a 20% off deal. i ordered the part, but he refunded because it was not in stock. i though no big deal. a month or two later i notice the charge is still on my paypal credit.  i check paypal history, and sure enough it was refunded. so i check the paypal credit statment, added everything up, and they are still charging me for it even though it was refunded. 


this is the message they sent me. 


We're sorry to hear that there's been any confusion over the promotional balance on your account. Our records show that a purchase was completed on 06/07/2018 for *******, and that a refund for ****** posted to your account with an effective date of 06/07/2018. This refund is reflected in your balance and can be viewed on your statement which generated on 06/07/2018.

Please keep in mind that we attempt to apply payments and credits in a manner that gives you the most possible time to avoid interest. For this reason, a merchant refund may not automatically apply back to the original purchase. We reviewed your account and confirmed that we kept the promotional financing offer that was extended through 01/04/2019 on the above purchase, and the refund for that purchase was applied to promotional purchases that were completed prior to the purchase that was credited.

By applying your refund this way we provided you with additional time to remain interest-free on this portion of your balance. Even if you don't pay the remaining balance on the original promotion before the expiration date, the accrued deferred interest you would be charged is equal to the amount that would already have been accrued on your other balances. We're sorry if there's been any confusion over this process, but you can rest assured that it's done for your benefit.

If you have more questions, click Help & Contact at the bottom of any PayPal page.

Thanks for being a PayPal Credit customer.

Kizza J. 
PayPal Credit Customer Care



i feel this email was meant to leave me confused. any help appreciated.