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Paypal Credit Promotional Offer and Refunds

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Paypal Credit Promotional Offer and Refunds

Every time I bought something with paypal credit ($99+) and got a full or partial refund on a purchase, the refund went exactly back to the original payment. The past 2/3 months I noticed that the refunds I would get would go to my newest purchases, since this was confusing I asked paypal to put it back in the original payment and they said it should be going back to original payment if thats not what it shows after my next statement it should show as it is. 


So this month I checked my statement, basically I got an item from saks 297.03$ and returned it for full refund. I purchased another item for 100$ and the refund went to that 100$ and rest to the saks. So the saks was left with 100$ and since i did not want to be confused later and tell saks i returned that but never got a refund. i asked paypal to put the 100$ where it should be they said no problem. 


After couple days when i checked I saw that both saks and the other purcahse were at 0$ but there was a new balance, adjusted balance 100$, and after refunding the other purchase as well and the refund being compelteted weeks ago. The adjusted balance never changed and when i called paypal and asked they said they cannot even see the refund, they can see i got a 100$ refund but cannot see where it went to, After 15 times of calls and chats and 2 managers. finally got them to find it and remove it. 


Today when i logged it and checking it was finally gone, but now the original saks has a 100$ balance. Not only does this not make sense, but every agent I talked to either does not understand,does not see where it went to, or submits a request for the allocation team. but since i cannot directly contact them and after asking 10 times i found out they cannot contact us either. so im not sure what i can do. but i am out of energy and angry at this point. 


What can I do. has this ever happened to anyone before? All my purchases after this is all messed up too and ill have to individually do the math of sales and refunds and payments i have. I usually write down my paypal purcahses in a notebook and there is 100$ that shouldnt be there which is the balance from above.