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Paypal Credit Line Increase


Paypal Credit Line Increase

Hey Everyone!


     I've seen a lot of mixed answers towards my Paypal credit problem, which is why I'm asking the community right now.

So, I plan on making a purchase on the 20th/ 21st possibly using Paypal's 24 month 0% apr special going on at the moment.

I've made three purchases, each of them being 6 months 0% apr (being over 99$ each) and I paid off one of the purchases in a month

which was 450$ ( I paid a bit over that) Anyways. My credit line that I was issued was 500$ and for the purchase on the 20th/21st Is potentially going to cost 700$ [ with the 24 month 0% apr is about 29 dollars per month.

So the issue is, if my credit line doesn't receive an increase then i'll just have to receive a loan off of someone, which isn't much of an issue, but I would rather purchase through my credit to improve my track record with them.


TLDR: I haven't found a real concrete answer on how to increase your credit line other than making a purchase, but I would like to know if i'm subject for credit increase before a specific date, so I can make backup plans ( ask for lent money).


Appreciate all feedback!