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Paying off promotional offer


Paying off promotional offer

Despite paying off considerably more than the requested minimum payment on my paypal credit, the balance of my promotional 4 months intrest free offer due to expire in July 2021 is not being reduced. How can I direct my payments to settling up that promotional balance so as to avoid intrest charges?

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Re: Paying off promotional offer

I have the same Problem.


i bought a Ebike for £3000 over 24 months, last month i owed £645 so i paid this of i thought to clear what i owed. (it still shows 5 instalments to go) 

same day i used pp credit and bought a TV for £3000 at £83 a month for 36months. knowing ive paid of the Ebike..


now on the 14th June its showing a payment of £129 and not £83.

and still showing 5 instalments needed for ebike of £645 but i paid this..

and now on my balance on pp credit it only shows wot i owe for the TV this is why i thought i had payed of the Ebike

but yet its took another 129 which was a min bike payment again when i dont owe for the Ebike just the TV at £83 a month over 36 month

and its took it off what i owe for the TV..


So ain't this all Wrong ?