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PayPal credit


PayPal credit

I've completed all security checks and have my debit card info on my PayPal account and I have a $750 credit limit and have not used any of it. Everytime I try to use PayPal credit it always denies it or comes up an error. How can I get this fixed so I can finish up my Christmas shopping?

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Re: PayPal credit



If it is a new account, you may need to make some successfully completed purchases (no disputes) with your own funding source for PayPal to have something to go on whether to offer PayPal Credit during checkout. Otherwise, PayPal reserves the right to restrict the use of the account depending on the circumstances of your transaction, if PPC is not offered at checkout then it is recommended that a linked funding source be used to complete your purchase. PayPal Credit is integrated into the checkout system and have punch algorithms and calculations in order to arrive at a decision on the spot during checkout to offer it or not. It can't be overridden. 

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